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Jenny Lewis

Residency period: April – September 2018


Jenny Lewis studied a Masters of Fine Art Practice (Sculpture) Glasgow School of Art, Scotland in 2012 and completed a degree in photography at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland in 2009.

Solo and group shows include: Glogauair, Berlin, Germany (2017); The Clinic, Glasgow International, (2016); Gute Stube, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany (2016);  ½ meter squash/ed, W-o-l-k-e, Brussels, Belgium (2015); Local Press, Glasgow Open House Festival, Glasgow, Scotland (2015); Forecasting, Tehtaankatu, Gothenburg, Sweden (2014); MOOD IS MADE / TEMPERATURE IS TAKEN, Generation, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, Scotland (2014); Le Swimming, The Underground Car Park, Glasgow International Festival, Scotland (2014).

Malou Cohen
Residency period: 01 January – 28 February 2018


As a visual artist from the Netherlands Malou is always searching for the exceeding ordinary in her daily surroundings. During her two month residency at Roundabout she will collect the stories she discoveres in Lisbon and translates them into new works. For more info please visit

Natasha Shah

Residency period: October 2017


The tall walls of Lisbon

After 10 years as a graphic designer specialising in Branding, I was ready to get out from behind my desk and get my hands dirty.

Whilst travelling I had visited some great textiles craftsmen and women, and was particularly inspired by the quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Taking their principle of using scraps of material to piece together a quilt, I wanted to make a series of wall hangings.

The most striking characteristics of Lisbon are the beautiful tiles that line the city walls. Some old, some new, cracked, graffitied, for me they really are the visual identity of the city. Graphic, bold and colourful, what is there not to like!

Using second hand clothes that I had bought from the local flee market or charity shops I started to create the 1st of 4 wall hangings.


Gabrielle Leah New

Residency period: 16-30 September 2017


Gabrielle Leah New is an Australian multidimensional performing artist.  She uses the body to explore themes of relationship;  to self, other and place, transformation and the space between internal and external worlds.
Her performance installations utilize live and video performance, costume, textiles, printmaking and photography.
During this residency she will begin a new body of work investigating time, age and the archetypal journey of the wise-woman/crone through the metaphor of rust.

Letta Shtohryn

Residency period: 2-20 of August 2017

cont thread
Having engaged with subjects as diverse as – personal /public space, truth/myth, real/unreal and limits of conventions, my interdisciplinary art practice projects a distinct pattern that is inspired by my deeply-rooted interest in philosophy, mathematics and science.
Recent areas of my art practice include sculptural and performative explorations into mass and volume, an investigation into the solidity of states, testing limits of balance, space and interaction with it.
Although I have been working in a variety of media and exploring an array of themes, one can trace an underlying motif of my art practice as being focused on ontological explorations into limits of entities/states/being, internal experience of invisible dimensions and the cyclical nature of processes.

Molly Macleod

Residency period: July-September 2017

Bio Pic Molly Macleod

My work is an exploration of our sonic environments and my obsession is the patterns I find within them.

From the subtle, secret noises of our own bodies to the wider soundscape of what surrounds us.

Graphic scores and sonic sketches lead to interactive sculptures and experimental performances inspired by water and shifting light.

Takanori Kurokawa

Residency period: July-September 2017


Takanori Kurokawa works and lives in Nagano, Japan. He works across a range of media, including 2D art, sculpture and installation with small pieces of glass. The artistic practices of Takanori focus on living between collectivism and individualism.

His exhibitions include, SICF17 (Spiral, Tokyo, Japan 2016), “All themes considered” (South Bay Contemporary, California, USA 2014), 19th Annual Arts in Harmony 2014 International Show(The Sherburne County Government Center, Minnesota, USA 2014), “Disconnect” (Target Gallery, Virginia, USA 2013), 13th Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition(Upstream People Gallery, USA 2013), The Story of the Creative(See.Me NYC Gallery, New York, USA 2013), Small Art Object 2013(Galerie Aqui Siam Ben / Salle Jules Agard,Vallauris, France 2013), Unknown possibility 10(Shinjuku Ganka Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2012), Fountain New York(New York, USA 2012), Showcaseshow(MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan 2011), German-Japanese Contemprary Art(Berlin, Germany 2011), Keidai-Art Obuse(Genshoji-Temple, Nagano, Japan 2011)

Lennard Houkes

Residency period: March 2017

walking boat long klein (1)

Lennard perceives the human body and objects he makes as communication tools between the soul, the mind and the outside world. Starting from a material he creates objects from a sense or primal need to build. He uses different ways of drawing. Sketching/building in space with charred wood, sewing home made charcoal to fabric or painting on ceramics sculptures he makes. His works come together in installations, or enjoy a life on their own.
He likes to interact with some of his creations in performances or let them be used by others.

Originally from the Netherlands Lennard feels most at home on the road. After living and working in London for two years he currently lives on the coast of Portugal. Commuting mainly between Lisbon and Amsterdam.

Alistair Sutton

Residency period: January-March 2017


Alistair recognised that he had a natural ability for drawing from an early age, around 6 or 7 years old, and indeed had a strong feeling that one day he would not let this gift go to waste. After 20 years of procrastination mainly due to fear of failure, the time has come. Alistair committed himself to learn to paint in ernest in September 2016, giving himself a 100-1000 paintings, no self-judgement task. Travelling and working in France, Spain and now Portugal, self teaching and discovering the many challenges and techniques that come with drawing and painting in oils.
His work comprises portraits, landscapes, and increasingly still life. He has a direct approach to painting, trying to communicate the essence of a person or a landscape in a way which requires neither interpretation nor analysis. The idea is to create an instant emotional response in the viewer, allowing them to feel a landscape or person through the painting, before they are able to over-think what they are seeing.
His paintings bring out the beauty of the mundane, whether in the strata of cliffs or the crumbling walls of old buildings. They strive for believability rather than photo-realism, allowing the imagination of the viewer to be active in giving life and movement to a scene. Ali’s portraits always seek to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of his subjects – they are a painted record of a meeting between two people, rather than a flat copy of reality. His landscapes take the same approach, capturing the way that natural light penetrates and illustrates a scene to reveal the underlying essence of the landscape.
Ali always works from life. For him, it is important to be part of a landscape, and to look directly into the eyes of the people he paints. His work is informed by this everyday, personal connection to his subject matter. Painting a cliff requires him to live next to it, and to learn about its geology. When working from an easel on a quiet city street, his painting captures the feeling of being alive in the city – the days and nights spent walking the same streets, the warmth of the cobblestones after a hot day.
Ali is still learning how to paint, is just barely getting warmed up and he feels this may take some time. He is still experimenting with different techniques and styles, but his aim remains the same – to directly communicate the beauty of life, be that beauty majestic or intimidating!

Celesta Bufano and Svenja Kunsmann

Residency period: November – December 2016


Celesta Bufano is a traveller and an art lover since early age. When she was fourteen she began her career as a writer. Then formed professionally at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. Celesta developed and matured artistically abroad. Had numerous collaborations with contemporary artists such as Paul Renner, Shozo Shimamotoand Hermann Nitsch. In her works she depicts frequently fragments of everyday life, frozen frames of reality, vivid colors in a unique style.

Svenja Kunsmann (professional cook. Dortmund 1989). I am a passionate cook since I started eating. Now I am 27 and I love to experience the food worldwide. I have been cooking in places like Berlin, Naples, Tablas (Phillipines) and Barcelona. My intention is to transmit this passion and love through food.

Jon Davis
Residency period: November-December 2016

Jon Davis an artists and producer based in London but working internationally. Since 2011 he has worked as a Producer at LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) with responsibility for year round research and development and producing festival presentations and new commissions. During this time he has delivered a wide range of projects including large scale, site specific performances, multi-disciplinary projects and theatrical productions with various partners including the Barbican Centre, Royal Academy of Arts, Southbank Centre and British Council. Over the five years he has worked extensively with artists from the Middle East and North Africa, and has traveled throughout the region meeting with artists, cultural organisations and attending arts festivals. In 2016 he become a board member of Highlight Arts.

As an artist Jon has continued to collaborate with artists from the MENA region and address the most important political issues of our time. In 2013 he worked with the Turkish photographer Kemal Vural Tarlan to create ‘Syria in Transit’, a photography, sound and video exhibition documenting the stories of Syria refugees travelling to Turkey and the UK. The exhibition was presented between London and Gaziantep, Turkey. In 2015 he began working with Jonathan May (British Council – UK), Moez Mrabet (Festival International de Hammamet – Tunisian) and Abdullah al Kafri (Ettijahat. Independent Culture – Lebanon) on the collaborative dialogue ‘Parallel Crossings’. Funded by the Tandem Cultural Managers Exchange Programme and the Arts Council and British Council’s Artists International Development Fund, they undertook research Labs in Tunis, Beirut and London to explore their diverse perspectives on the ‘refugee crisis’. They are currently working on ‘Vessel’, a nomadic installation to be presented in 2017 in the three different cities by Dream City (Tunis), Nehna wel Amar (Beirut) and Shubbak Festival (London).

Piece of a Whole is a live installation which explores notions of ostracism, alienation and the fractured nature of our society. Using personal testimonies and pottery it is an invitation to put back together the fragmented pieces of our society.

The project is inspired by the democratic procedure undertaken in Ancient Greece where any citizen could be expelled from the city-state of Athens for ten years. The word ‘ostracism’ is derived from the Greek word ‘ostraka’, the pottery shards which were used as voting tokens in the democratic process. At the heart of the installation is a desire to asks audiences to consider the dividing lines which have appeared within our societies, focusing on the narratives surrounding those who feel ostracised.

Marion Tu
Residency period: October 2016


Born in Paris, France, and of Chinese descent, Marion has lived in 6 countries across 3 continents. Her practice derives from a constant state of cultural shock and explores the notions of fluctuating identity and métissage.
Working through the relationship between memory and space, her practice serves as an exploration of her own psychogeographical maps and themes. It can be seen as a collection of traces of places, and fragments of emotions and memories, in which melancholy and nostalgia often play a part.

Isobel Atacus

Residency period: October 2016

Isobel Atacus ( is a London-based artist working across media; mainly sculpture, though the impetus often comes from text. She has a background in performance and theory, which closely informs current practice.

Onel Naar
Residency period: 21-30 august 2016

As an American of Puerto Rican and Lebanese Dominican descent born in the battered, burning South Bronx of the late 70s to immigrant parents, I was privileged to study across the river/world’s away in Manhattan, starting with the Visual Arts program at LaGuardia high school and followed by undergraduate studies at New York University as a Studio Arts major. My university experience included learning from Katie Schimert and Lawrence Chua, exhibiting alongside Nate Lowman, and lead to a post graduate apprenticeship with Paul Pfeiffer starting in May of 2001. Following 9/11 (during which I was blissfully unaware of the carnage unfolding only blocks away as I worked on digital video pieces) I reconsidered the direction of my artistic practice. As a New York City Teaching Fellow and Americorp grant recipient I have been able to bring the world of contemporary art to the high school classrooms of immigrant communities while developing my artistic evolution though work with the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and ongoing studio practice, including a residency at Roundabout Lx.

Tarn Watkinson
Residency period: 7-21 August 2016
Hi there, I’m Tarn & i’m a New Zealand born artist & my main focus is drawing.
I’m currently exploring different patterns & forms in my work by restricting myself to black & white illustrations. I’m interested in developing surrealist & abstract ideas whilst abiding by a minimalist theme.

Over the two weeks at Roundabout in Lisbon I was inspired by the architecture of the city & produced a collection of drawings that I was really happy with.


Cheryl Adler

Reidency period 11-17 July 2016

Reflection on Pilgrimage, Practice & Puzzles.
The rhythmic activity of walking over distance engenders an enduring and meditative state, a perfect time to set an intention and reflect on both external and internal truths.
The parallel universe of a studio space allows for the opportunity of arresting time and processing spirit material into physical matter, transforming by way of visual attunement and the selective practice of doing and undoing, choosing and placing.
The Lisbon pavements made from basalt and limestone mosaic became the building block and metaphor for the process of walking; the rhythmic repetition and the continual mystery of how it all fits together was the activating thread.  It is in the ‘spaces between,’ or the resting places that the puzzle constelates and the imagination leaps into the unknown.
Bringing the playful element of shadow puppetry and using a model Portuguese sailing ship to symbolize the navigation of new territories, arrivals and departures. The four constructed wooden crosses, contextualises the geometric work, creating a stage set for both the historic and personal.
‘The Imagined Age’ and the age of discovery.
Graduated in Fine Arts at Michaelis, University of Cape Town.
Bridging Polarities through Art, therapist and teacher.

Pepa Ubera

Residency period: May-June 2016

Ellipsis Land

Pepa Ubera is a freelance dance artist whose choreographic practice expands into curatorial projects and the use of video in performance. Her work challenges social structures, questioning how the body behaves in the current context, mediating real time spaces as opportunities to deal with the unknown and the poetic as tools for transformation. She examines the tension that unites opposite ideas with the purpose of highlighting the spaces in between. The organic and the artificial, the specific and the broad, consumption and production are some of the concepts she explores in her artistic practice.
From 2015-2018 she is one of the Sadler’s Wells Summer University artists. She has twice been awarded a Dance Web Scholarship at the Impulstanz Festival Vienna, showing her work in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain. From 2013-2015 she was a core member of TripSpace projects where she organised monthly nights of performance and professional class including the curation of a performance festival in collaboration with the Hayward Gallery. She has presented work in the UK, Europe and Chile and performed in venues such as The Place, ICA, Barbican Gardens, kampnagel in Hamburg and the Hayward Gallery. The last project she curated was at the Lilian Baylis studio at Sadler’s Wells where she also presented her last performance in collaboration with Josefina Camus: Ellipsis Land.

Stephanie De Couto Costa
Residency period: May – June 2016

03SDCC2015PlaceOfMemoryStephanie De Couto Costa is a paper-based artist born in Montreal. She received her BFA from Université du Québec à Montréal and her MFA from Concordia University Montreal. She is interested in process-driven material practices, exploring the intersection of printmaking, fibres, drawing and sculpture.

The works explore the process of fashioning an identity from a constellation of cultural markers. In her research, these markers are manifested in objects and processes, such as architecture, dress practices, and language. Through field drawing sessions in Lisbon’s cityscape and cultural institutions, she seeks to create a mapping of the city and later arrange relationships between identifiable cultural symbols and find correlating evidence on how they respond to and effect one and another.

Neil Martin Horvath
Residency period: May – July 2016
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 6.41.43 PM
I graduated with a BFA in 2010 specializing in Intaglio Printmaking. I’ve been tattooing professionally for 6 years. My illustrations are about experiences through traveling and my fascination with Folklore, Cryptozoology and the greater natural world. Recently my drawings have involved reclaimed found materials such as sheet music and science journals that I combine with pen and ink drawings. My tattoo work is constantly evolving as a response to my travel experiences, fed off of my curiosity for the imaginative and unknown.
Ayla Hibri
Residency period: April – May 2016
IMG_1904 (1)

Ayla Hibri is a photographer and visual artist from Beirut, Lebanon with a BFA in Interior Architecture from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts and a postbac degree in Photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Ayla has spent the last ten years jumping from city to city exploring the relations and meanings of being a stranger in another place through her photography- and has recently delved into drawing and painting in order to tackle with the invisible and the imagined.

Jacob Dancy
Residency period: February – April 2016
7_Radweg (1).jpg Artista Jacob Dancy em residência artistica no Roundabout.Lx:
Jacob Dancy is a visual artist working in the medium of drawing. His works are characterized by their imaginative take on maps, landscapes, and architecture. He studied Visual Art at Oberlin College in the United States. He lives in Berlin.
Polina Stoyanova
Residency period: February 2016
IMG_0318 (1)
Polina Stoyanova is a visual artist from Bulgaria, currently based in Sofia. She has a bachelour degree in animation in 2009 directing and a year of education in contemporary dance in 2012. She is working in the fields of graphic design, animation, illustration, multimedia and visual environment for performances.
The project developed at Roundabout.Lx is about the lost and forgotten spirits in the cities. What is sneeking hidden in the shadows of the buildings…
It will be a combination between acrylic paintings and gif images.

Residency period: February – April 2016caat

I’m CÄäT from Brussels. I chose Lisbon because I love this city and I would like to spend more time in it. I work as an illustrator for belgian magazines, I also make comics, graphic design, paintings, I customize sweaters, make some dolls and I paint murals too. I have done a mural in Lisbon in December and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to make some more.
I’m planning to work on a big puzzle. The idea is that you can turn each painting and change its position and play with different possibilities: you can dispose it as a square, a line or any shape you want.
Marzia Pellissier
Residency period: 5 February – 12 March 2016
Marzia Pellissier is a scenic designer for theatre and cinema from Montreal, Canada. She worked in many different fields of creative practice, learning every time more on the perception of the human eye or the lens of the camera and on the feeling and atmosphere colours and light give in the visuals surroundings.
During the month, she will be working on multi layer project, mixing photography, painting and inks on backlit translucent papers.
Maxim George
Residency period 22 January – 12 February 2016
image1 (2)
Maxim George is an artist living and working in Chicago, IL. Maxim George is an artist living and working in Chicago, IL. She received her BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2015, where she studied Painting and Fiber and Material Studies. She utilizes a variety of materials and imagery to analyze and reframe symbols of femininity and desire. She received her BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2015, where she studied Painting and Fiber and Material Studies. She utilizes a variety of materials and imagery to analyze and reframe symbols of femininity and desire.

Kathryn Williamson
Residency period: January 2016
Kathryn Williamson is an Artist from the United States.  She completed her MFA in San Francisco and is currently living in Baltimore.   Her work is project based which engages media such as Performance, Drawing, Installation, Sculpture and Video.  For this residency she will be working on an on going drawing project that investigates drawing and the idea that drawing can not only be a mark on a piece of paper but an activity and potentially an entirely different form of representation.
Elisabeth Howland
Residency period: December 2015 – February 2016
unnamed (1)

There are many things I could say.

Artists often state altogether too many things.

I come from America, I come from Berlin.

The work is visual and typewritten.

There is a slight philosophy addiction,

A necessity of space and still life,

A soft spot for beauty and light.

rsvp: vidabierta

Megan Wiessner
Residency period: November 2015

Megan Wiessner is an American artist coming to Roundabout.Lx by way of Baltimore, New York and, most recently, the UK, where she spent the past year studying geography and environmental theory. The projects she is working on here follow very much from that experience, especially her research on the perceived place of “nature” in cities, and on sustainable materials development. They are centered around painting, but painting as a loose way of thinking about and playing with the tensions and resonances between images and materials in urban life.

Meriem Elatra
Residency period: November 2015 – January 2016
La dame à l'orchidée- Latente 1

Meriem Elatra was born in Texas and raised in Algiers, Algeria. She works with different media, oil, ink and watercolor. Her main interest is the representation of the human figure incorporating symbolic elements.

Hannah Lee Jones
Residency period: November 2015 – January 2016

Following an intuitive, multidisciplinary process, I incorporate writing, performance and physical creations such as masks, clothing and theatrical sets into video. The stories in Polly’s Dream consist of fictional memories from a potentially psychotic past told from multiple viewpoints in a slow, trance-inducing cadence. Alter egos and made-up characters illustrate a world similar to my subconscious. The personal narratives toy with the absurdity of reality, particularly the young, female artist’s reality including feelings of desperation and self compromise in order to support larger goals or beliefs. I perform these characters in a sexually exploitive manner, constituting a double-edged attempt to repossess a body that does not always feel like my own. Trauma, repression, jealousy and forbidden desire are playfully conjured without objective.

Céline Tschachtli
Residency period:  October – December 2015
I was born in 1989 in Basel Switzerland. Where I have my background of sociocultural works and dance. In winter 2012 I set sail, followed my intuition and impuls, until I found land. 2013 I made a certification in Performing Arts in the cultural association SOU in Lisboa. I collaborated and participated in four Works of Madalena Victorino. All were engaged with the question of how can the artistic, the aesthetic experience bring significant change and transformation in the lives of people. Upon my work is inspired and related.

In 2014 MARGENS, 2014/2015 Festival TODOS and Lis+Bú – Companhia Limitada Vol.2. , 2015 Expande!
On going works in collaboration with Rebekka Friedli called ‘Die Steine, die da sind’, which is finding it’s expression in film and performance. With António Dente called ‘Os hóspedes’, which is evolving in the acting spheres. And with Dario Antonaci, we are working together in photography and dance.

Touch and get Touched.

Inbetween Land and Sky.

Glimpse and Afterglow.

A Sleep without Dreams.

Repose and Pose.

Skin and …

This work became more clear and visible with the residence in Roundabout. It’s the first time to have an atelier space, where I dedicate myslef to this sensation, to this cognition. It seems to be a long-term journey. My Residency turned into a work, where I have space and time to research, elaborate and create with it’s origin. Right now it’s about retrospection and recognition from the moment I’m born and with the life of my family, always relating to the present moment. The work expresses in photograph, books, text, sketches, clothes, scuplture, movement and sound. I try to fuse plastic arts and performing arts.
Scenography, sculpturing, photograph/film and acting, dance, music. For now, it seems to me that I started to compose a character and it’s circumstances which is no character with no circumstances.

Magma Collective
Residency period: 1 September – 30 September 2015
Anna Burel, Yuri Pirondi, Yasmine Dainelli, Jaime Valtierra, Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Rupert Jaeger, Inês von Bonhorst, Bill Howard
Em Mnemonic City a criação de trabalho explora sinais, mitos, histórias e tradições inerentes à sua localização. Mnemonic preocupa-se particularmente com o tema especificado, onde a localização exata dentro da cidade se converte no ‘real’, aumentando o sentido individual de lugar e identidade. Mnenmonic City torna-se um provedor de experiências significativas, compostas de forma a auxiliar o indivíduo em ativar a sua própria realidade através de processos de recordação, memória e imaginação.


Rafael Amambahy
Residency period: 10 August – 30 August 2015
Rafael Amambahy, 27 anos, bacharel em Design Gráfico (2009) e Artes Visuais (trancado, 5º semestre/2014) pelo Centro Universitário Belas Artes de SP, transita entre as linguagens corporal e visual, e trabalha também como fotógrafo freelancer. Realizou Iniciação Científica intitulada Dzi Croquettes: A história de gente computada igual a você, sobre o grupo artístico Dzi Croquettes, orientado por Juliana Moraes.

Lina Augustin
Residency period: 2 August – 27 August 2015
Lina Augustin lives and works in Munich. Her technique are drawing and writing. She made her BA in graphic design in 2013 and will start the second studies in Fine Arts at Universität der bildenden Künste in Munich this year.
In her one- month- residency in Roundabout she will continue her drawings for a book project. Also she will deal with her déjà vu’s, she experienced while travelling.
She’s collecting this moments to connect different settings and situations and merge them into one. Interesting for her in the process is the disintegration of time and space and the gentle feeling of unplanned connections in a higher level.

Melissa Matveyeff
Residency period: 18 July – 30 August 2015
Melissa Matveyeff is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist living in Melbourne, Australia.
Her art practice moves between video and scattered installations/assemblages and sculptures
that engage a dialogue about cultural absurdities.

Roberta Orlando
Residency period: 27 July – 2 August 2015


Roberta Orlando develops her artistic research through video, photography, performance and sound.
A big part of her works are dedicated to social, cultural, environmental and political issues, human rights and equality in particular.
She obtains notable recognition at international level and she collaborates with major multimedia events worldwide. She works with visual and performative arts in Europe and USA.
Academia de Belas Artes de Munique e Random Collective
Residency period: 16 – 21 June 2015
Work developed: Present Shock: “Será que ainda aqui estás?”
fotografia (20)
Performance/Instalação com alunos da Academia de Munique.
“Nós vivemos num espaço aberto, em que a nossa procura constante move-se agora quase em piloto automático. O contínuo fluxo de todos os tipos de informação diária começa a dar-nos um ritmo de vida diferente. Mas, será que já temos finalmente consciência desta transformação? Pois, em paralelo, a fronteira entre o artificial e o real ainda está despercebida aos olhos nus. “Patrik Thomas / Sandra Zech / Guida Miranda / Raphael Samay / Ieva Jakusonoka / Sandra Bejarano Gil / Martina Marini Misterioso / Constantin Von Canal / Samuel Fischer-Glaser / Anina Stolz
Dirdre O’Leary
Residency period: 1 June – 30 June 2015
Work developed: Window (the form of forms)


Michael Bennett
Residency period: 8 April – 30 April 2015
Work developed: Localmente

‘Localmente’ – which translates to ‘Locally sourced’ – is a month long self initiated project by artist Michael Bennett. It will take place at RoundAbout LX studios in Lisbon and will result in a variety of outputs all of which focus on the artists new found materials, motivations and influences.

A small series of abstract paintings and complimentary sculptural works will be created during the period, as well as a limited edition publication of the same name. This will be produced in collaboration with local printing press RoughNough.

As the title suggests, all elements of the project are heavy influenced by Lisbon as an art making environment. The paintings draw on the energy and vibrancy of the city as inspiration, whilst the sculptures and publication have a more direct and physical connection, as they are constructed of found matter and materials all of which has been collected by the artist during his stay.

These elements recount and document the effects and outcomes of the artists and his practice during the time spent in Lisbon. They are intended to visually portray and provide insight into the personal and emotional connections experienced during the project.

For further information and images please visit:

Teresa Albor
Residency period: 27 February – 13 March 2015
Work developed: The museum of small objects | O museu de pequeno objetos

Teresa Albor works and lives in London. Her work is intentionally multi-disciplinary: performance, installation, video, painting and drawing, and often engages the public.  Her work at Roundabout.Lx focussed on why we seek order in the world.  Other projects involve the overlap of painting, sculpture and performance; the role of the artist in society and work within and with members of communities such as a project with inner-city teens in Chicago and their right to peaceful protest. She is one of the founding members of the collective Rufus Stone, which runs an artist-to-artist residency programme based in London.

Lizi Menezes
 Residency period: January – March 2015
Work developed: Bricolage of a Blank Page
apropriação (2)

Lizi Menezes is a feminist brazilian artist. She challenges gender hierarchies through the deconstruction of hegemonic discourses and its artistic production. This deconstruction of reframed and estranged objects (bodies) is what remains of a still patriarchal society constructed by conflicting identities through power relations.

Alice Ruggero

Residency period: 7-31 January 2015
Work developed: Equilibri


Alice is an italian dancer who’s “looking for the unique expression, one that is concise, concentrated and memorable” (I. Calvino). At the moment, she’s working on her first solo, dealing with books as presences that transform solitude into a silent multitude, attempting to give substance to absence, making the absence visible and livable. Tangible and interweaving material, solids always at risk of falling, the books build a research space. They move and are moved.

Joanna Brinton

Residency period: 12-26 October 2014
Work developed: Objects in relation


Joanna is a London based artist whose work is based on objects, the tools we use to extend our reach and the historical context of those objects. She often uses print or publications to disseminate her work. Joanna is interested in objects functioning as disobedient, or disorderly interruptions to everyday life as well as symbols for our desire to control or manipulate situations and materials.

Cristina Artola

Residency period: May – July 2014
Work developed: Image Souvenir I, II, III, IV. Mechanical Reproduction in the Age of Tourism  – Lisbon Series


Cristina Artola works and lives in Berlin and Bilbao. Her work touches many artistic disciplines and is mainly based on a crossover of them. She uses many different media: photography, video installation. Further on she has been involved in different projects in the public space and in cooperation with theater-and filmproductions, often including the participation of the public.

Horton Humble

Residency period: March, April 2014

Self-taught visual artist from New Orleans. Currently living in Portugal where I am learning the mystery of clay, specially the color and patterned ceramic tiles that cover most of the countries building facades and interiors, on a tradition unique in the world that I intend to use as support for my future works.

Elena Cecchinato

Residency period: August 2013
Work developed: CROSS OVER – Process I


Work developed in collaboration with Roundabout member Marta Angelozzi.

Beniko Tanaka

Residency period: August – October 2013.
Work developed: Blue Birds


Beniko Tanaka arrived in Portugal in 2005, with a degree in the Art of Glass (TAMA – Art University of Tokyo) and a love for all things related to light and reflections. She quickly fell in love with Lisbon’s magical light and consequently decided to stay and complete her training by taking a degree in Drawing and Visual Arts at Ar.Co (Independent Art School in Lisbon).
It was a natural step for Beniko to combine the knowledge gained and her great passion for Eastern cultures – both the artistic and spiritual side – in order to develop different forms of performing arts, always inspired by nature and its interior and exterior energy flows.


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