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Edgar de Oliveira
(co-founder of RA.Lx)

Edgar started his studies at Maumaus school of visual contamination, he developed work in his own dark room for four years and graduated from University of Sussex with BA: HONS in fine art. He works with video, photography, performance, installation. Finding it difficult not to work with the space his work is mostly site specific.

Marta Angelozzi
(co-founder of RA.Lx)

Marta Angelozzi studied in London and graduated with a Drawing Degree at Camberwell College of Arts. Marta’s long lasting interest for drawing started in Italy on paper and continues today in Lisbon as she investigates ways in which a drawing can interact with the viewer in space. Drawing into space is a practice with endless possibilities to be explored and the Roundabout is the perfect environment for it.

Dani d’Emilia
(co-founder of RA.Lx)

Dani is transfeminist euro-sudaka non-binary-lesbian artist and educator working internationally across performance art, devised theatre, visual arts and radical pedagogy projects. She is a co-founder of the immersive theatre company Living Structures (UK), was a core member of the transnational performance collective La Pocha Nostra (MX/US) between 2011-2016 and Proyecto Inmiscuir (ES/MX) between 2015-17. Since 2017 Dani also works as a researcher and workshop facilitator as part of the Gorca Earthcare program (Slovenia) and the Global Justice Lab (University of British Columbia, Canada), exploring possibilities for decolonial education through artistic and critical practices.

(based in RA since 2014)
RoughBooks is mainly a publisher and a risograph printing house focused in artist books and small scale independent publications, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

RoughBooks é maioritariamente uma editora e casa de impressão de livros de artista e pequenas publicações independentes em risografia, sediada em Lisboa, Portugal.



Greg Hannan
(joined RA in 2017)

Greg is a painter with a strong draw towards portraiture. He studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts but his current work is inspired by a desire to break with his previous mark making and thus he is interested in exploring everything from landscape to abstract to sculpture to multimedia. His work is an investigation of simple aesthetic ideas and also encompasses topics such as male intimacy, complacency towards forming bonds in an atomised world and definition without opposition.



(joined RA in 2018)

I am an Italian artist born in 1988. I graduated in painting in 2012 in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. Among other exhibitions in 2014 I displayed my works at the O. Licini Art Gallery in Ascoli. In 2015 at the Independent Art Biennial in Liverpool, at the ParallaxArt Fair of London and at Folli 50.0 in Milan. In 2016 I had a solo exhibition in the Laboratory 41 Art Gallery, in Macerata, my native town in central Italy. In 2017 I participated at Paratissima Lisboa with two permanent site specific and permanent tile’s panels. I also received an honorable mention at the Ceramic Biennial in the Museum of Ceramic in Sacavèm, Portugal. I am a PhD researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lisbon where I live.